Sorry I Asked

by Big Big Buildings



released May 12, 2016

All songs performed by Big Big Buildings

All Lyrics by Adam McElreath
Except Light Breathing (Me and Martha Plimpton in a Fancy Elevator)
Originally written and performed by The Lawrence Arms

Produced by Big Big Buildings

Additional mixing and mastering by Dave Chardo



all rights reserved


Big Big Buildings Boston, Massachusetts

Big Big Buildings is the pseudonym of songwriter, producer and visual artist, Adam McElreath.

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Track Name: Balloons
Deep in the throes of the clearing smoke
I hurt for you again
I wish I could see where the balloons float
After you let them go

I scoured for outlines of a lake
Where we sat and the sun warmed it's face on us
'Cause nothing like you ever happened to me
And I miss you so loudly

Stood in your shower with all my clothes on
To keep you from coming undone
Part of me broke in the hold of your song
And I'm not who I thought I was
In the long, lonely wait for your clouds to break
Oh I wish I kept swinging away
In the long, vibrant fight to be the man you'd admire
Oh, I bleed out the hopes of carrying us both

All you think I forgot
Hangs on a clothesline
In the back of my mind
And I see a collage
Of ways I could be
That would've kept you next to me

If only I could show you my pain
When I think of your face
And the joy in your eyes
And the wild rainbow light
And the black hole that's left in it's place
But I'll always think of you that way
Track Name: Just Like We Practiced
How long will it slide from my fingers so anxiously?
Or plant itself into cement and refuse to leave?
The forgotten worlds cut in fractions and left to bleed

Hold on
The walls are freaking out
Bite down on the bright wave
Unto the great half-truth in the borrowed light
The delicate shine

Of an answer that I won't see
It's wild stare blanketed in hush tones
Yeah, I thought so
But hardly remember

I'll turn the leaves one by one
If it makes you smile
Gathered unsolved talk
From the same cloth
Am I not unfinished as you?
And trying to make love
In hell's waiting room
Track Name: Light Breathing (Me And Martha Plimpton In A Fancy Elevator)
Lyrics by Chris McCaughan

Me and Martha Plimpton in an elevator
Her golden labrador kissed my index finger
Two in the morning, summer saturated
I'd been drinking and it'd been raining

And it felt so strange
Cause I didn't know what to say
And when she smiled
I turned away

But that's so like me
Timid, self conscious, crippling
She seemed so friendly and
I must've seemed uninteresting
Soaked from walking
Smelled like booze and cigarettes
I stood there listening to her light breathing

And I wanted to say
That I really loved her films
And I wanted to make her laugh and smile
But I stood still

I managed to mutter, "Hello"
Her eyes shining in the fancy elevator lights
I stood awkwardly, hands fluttering
The doors parted and she said goodnight to me

And her voice was like a song
That wouldn't leave my head
And I thought, "Martha, I'm running on empty"
And I couldn't help but think
I missed another chance to live
But isn't that the way it always is?
Track Name: Albeit
Fruit bats are colonizing in my memory
The bells turn my face red
The plush and subtle chemistry
And the satellite turns me on
To skirt the middle distance
And albeit misguided, I was crushed
So gracefully inside
But, Oh what a rush
Track Name: Sorry I Asked
Go ahead
You can writhe on the ground
Carry on
Throwing shadows around

This elaborate light that pours onto you
Don't you know that I want to be beautiful too?
Windows wide to the heartsick world outside
I got armfuls of thoughts I could easily hide
All the teeth in your mouth
All the wreckage in mine
Further I'm pushed away
Further I'm pushed inside

Gallant stride across my heart
Oh I cringe at whatever's next
Your shoulders and thighs
And half finished art
That I don't want to picture again

And it all might be just as it seems
Maybe it's not the same love we take it to be
And if you'd just stop and look how little this means
You could decide what it's worth and you could believe
You could believe